Thursday, February 25, 2010

Need a Mech System

So, I've been watching Visions of Escaflowne and reading Chgowiz's Mechwarrior archives, which leads to me really wanting to write and run a Mech adventure.

To do that, I need a system. I can settle for Risus, but I like my mechs to crunch a bit more than Risus realistically allows.

Any suggestions?

On another note, my college gaming group is currently running The Hobbit as a campaign, with each of the players being a different dwarf from the adventuring group.
So far, we've made it partway through the Misty Mountains and killed the Goblin King. Once we're done with The Hobbit, we plan on having our next campaign be based on Inglorious Basterds, but if I can get the Mech game running, that will probably take precedence.

A brief word on my preferences regarding mechs... I prefer Mechwarrior and Armored Core style mechs to Gundam style mechs, since I prefer to have my mechs look like military hardware rather than fashion suits. In other words...


Rather than this...

Gundam just doesn't scream 'military hardware' to me.

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