Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back, and work will continue.

Ragnarok was fun.

A friend of mine recently discovered Steampunk, and is getting really into it. I might collaborate with him on this setting.

I have a bit of a problem in that I've read plenty on world and setting design, but when it comes time to put it to use, it tends to desert me. Lacking a framework, my writing suffers. So let's see what I can do to correct that.... (Also, any links to guides or resources on worldbuilding are appreciated).

Here it is up... the Bakkar Empire. The first of what I think will be three major powers. I also want a slumbering power, something like WH40K Necrons, and a fifth faction, details yet undetermined.

The Bakkar Empire

The stereotypical 'Overwhelming Empire'. For reference, see the British Empire, the Galactic Empire, and the Dune Imperium.

The Bakkar do everything big. Big cities, big fortresses, big factories, big fleets of big airships with big racks of rockets braced on armored gondolas, land-faring dreadnoughts that function as mobile fortresses to project the will of the Empire... While not often the aggressors in conflicts, when the Bakkar go to war, the sight is impressive.

Despite their impressive might, the Bakkar Empire is not without troubles. Insurgents and smugglers plague coastal areas where the Bakkar Navy lacks projection (their insistence on enormously powerful warships leaves their shallow-draft arm somewhat laughable, and they use very few nautiloids), and bands of rogues, highwaymen, and organized criminals lurk in caves and wooded hollows across the landmass. The devil is in the details, and the Bakkar are bedeviled by deadly details.

Most citizens of Bakkar are human. There are some dwarven settlements, but they are kept under close watch and are mostly treated as an immigrant race, despite their continuing contributions to Bakkar industry. Elves have long since been wiped out... During the Great Emergence, when the elves tried to re-establish dominance over Bakkar from their hideaway in the wooded east of Bakkar, Bakkar airships met the threat with a blanket of incindiary rocket fire, leaving the elvish stronghold a smoking ruin. Any standing structures were demolished by a unit of Bakkar land dreadnoughts that leveled the ashes in preparation for agriculture.

Example Cliches
Dropliner - A member of the Bakkar Air Marines who specializes in rapid deployment from ground assault airships. Named for the fact that they deploy by means of long lines dropped from the assault hatches.
Artillerist - Specialist crewmen on board the Bakkar sea and land dreadnoughts. Trained in rangefinding and artillery pinpointing. Artillerists control the firepower of the variety of cannons, mortars, and howitzers mounted on the Bakkar mobile fortresses.
Interceptor Pilot - Captain of an airship designed for air-to-air combat. Adept at calculating the trajectory of an enemy airship and figuring out the best way to ensure that his one salvo of rockets meets it in the air.

Sample Character
Sergeant Adrian Tetsin
Slightly Unstable Veteran Dropliner (4), Arbitrarily Confusing Poet (3), Badass Motivational Speaker (2)
Sidekicks: Tetsin's Sinners, 3rd Squad, 2nd Battalion, Dropliner Division (3)
Hook: Developing a fear of heights.
Commander of a small squad of Dropliners, Adrian has been at this for some time, and has grown a little jittery at the prospect of sliding down a cord into combat. Despite this, he's always game for a drop (even if he has to close his eyes on the way down), and enjoys a bout of stirring oratory in the assault gondola just prior to insertion.

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