Friday, July 17, 2009

Risus Chess

Pawns have the cliche Pawn (1), and roll an additional die in combat for each adjacent pawn.
Bishops have the cliche Smiter (2), and the ability Bless, which allows them to declare a loss a tie once per game.
Knights have the cliche Charger (2), and three Lucky Shots.
Rooks have the cliche Castle (3), and Cannon (2), which is a ranged cliche, allowing one attack in place of your normal move, and Cannon (2) does not lose a die if it fails to cause damage during a ranged attack. Cannon may only be used on the Rook's normal line of movement.
Queen... Is complicated. I want to make her more than a Cliche (4), Cliche (4), Cliche (1), which is what she currently is, and it's rather boring, not to mention devastating.
King has the cliche Royalty (4). When it is reduced to 0, the game is over.


  1. This is the kind of lunacy I have come to expect from you, sir! :) I like the idea, how does it play out?

  2. It plays out pretty interesting... Got some recommendations from the Risus Mailing list, for possible alterations to the Knight and Queen, making one of the Queen's cliches Double Pumped, so it costs twice as many dice... As it is, she's just a wrecking ball.