Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Clocktower Sniper

January 3rd, 2015
The Concord Star

Police deny allegations of vigilante involvement

An attempted mugging was cut short last night by what police are calling a 'freak accident'. Details are being withheld, but an anonymous source says the mugger's attempt was cut short by an arrow. Police are looking for a man in his late 50's, with grey hair and a moustache. The victim of the attempted mugging has been placed in protective custody pending the end of the investigation.

February 15th, 2015
The Portland Gazette

Witnesses claim local kingpin was struck down by an arrow

Alejandro "Big Al" Gabravetti, a local figure long pursued by the police in connection with drug running, human trafficking, and weapons procurement investigations, was killed in broad daylight yesterday on the outskirts of Portland. While coming out of a local Catholic church, surrounded by bodyguards, witnesses say that he was struck somewhere in the upper torso or head. No gunshot was heard, and one man who was able to get close enough to see the body said there was a short arrow embedded in the crime boss' throat. Police are not naming any suspects, but one eyewitness says she saw a man in dark clothing coming down from a clocktower down the street shortly after the incident.

March 9th, 2015
The Montpelier Daily News

Police warn against possible panic, citizens divided

A woman who was the victim of an attempted rape is being questioned by police as to the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of her attacker, a local hood who was already wanted in connection with three convenience store robberies. The woman claims that as the man cornered her in the alley, a short arrow ricocheted off the alley wall and killed her assailant. Shortly afterwards, a man in a leather jacket and motorcycle helmet appeared cradling a crossbow, but he disappeared before police arrived on the scene. Local opinion is divided on the man who, since January, has become known for his brutal, efficient killings, often carried out from local high points, such as clocktowers or steeples. All his known victims have been criminals, leading some to believe him to be a disgruntled ex-police officer. No description for the sniper is available.

April 17th
The Portland Gazette

Police call for 'Clocktower' to come forward

A serial killer calling himself The Butcher attacked a local motel yesterday, where he apparently stumbled upon the 'Clocktower Sniper'. A short fight ensued, and although no one saw anyone matching any known description for the sniper leaving the scene, no second body has yet been found. No bolt was left at the scene either, but preliminary reports of the autopsy confirm the nature of the death wound.

May 14th, 2015

The man who had become known as the Clocktower Sniper was heading west, helmet down. The imaging devices in his helmet were powered off, as were the police trackers and radio interception equipment. His crossbow was broken down and stowed in the saddlebags of his motorcycle. He was becoming too well known in the northeast. Clocktower Sniper? It fit, at least. Wasn't the first name he had picked up.

Adam Walker, Alex Wolfe, Adrian Wright (All aliases)

Clocktower Sniper (5), Ex-Military Recon Officer (3), Master of Disguise and Infiltration (3), Lucky Shots [] [] []

Tale: Adam Walker (the name he most commonly uses) served in the Third Gulf War in Kuwait as a Recon Officer. His experience at intrusion and tracking became ingrained, and on the demilitarization of the nation, he found himself facing civilian life, and finding it somewhat lacking. He worked for a short time as a wilderness guide, where he became extremely proficient with a crossbow. He began hunting criminals in 2014, although the papers didn't catch wind of it until 2015.

Hook: For all intents and purposes, Clocktower is a street vigilante. He has tracking devices in his helmet, and is an expert marksman, but anything magical, supernatural, or ultra-tech is going to pose a serious problem.

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