Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One way I might do things...

Classes are Knight, Fighter, Ranger, Noble, Rogue, and each nation also gains a Specialist.

Beuttleria has Knights that are better with their shields, and educated in medicine, but prone to fight dismounted; Fighters who tend towards using larger weapons with great speed and control; Rangers that are stealthier than usual and very good at ranged combat; Nobles who are quick to enter the fray alongside their entourage; Rogues who are especially deadly at backstabbing; and Tacticians who use intelligence to lead others in war.

Bongiorno has Knights that are more educated in medicine than their Beuttlerian brethren; Fighters who are more skilled than most, but not as powerful in combat; Rangers who are very good with animals, and use herbal cures; Nobles with better social skills, Rogues who are superior at escaping detection, and Bards who inspire their fellows to great deeds.

Beisili has the most amiable Knights you can find; Fighters who concentrate more on using two weapons; Rangers used to a more desert environment; Cunning Nobles, versed in clandestine operations; and Priests, the diplomats and learned ones of the realm.

The Iron Papacy puts their subtle Knights to work searching out heresy; their Fighters are more experienced in the use of armor than others; their Rangers are better than most at tracking, and often work with the Knights in their pursuits; their Nobles are able to draw upon a much larger collection of followers; their Rogues are quick with the tongue as well; and their Inquisitors, well, their title basically explains what they do.

All classes are six levels long, and most (if not all) will contain 'spell-like effects' triggered by paying HP. Due to the scarcity of healing in this setting, and the fact that HP are being treated as stamina/luck/advantage rather than actual health, HP used to pay for abilities -can- be healed situationally, depending on the ability. Some abilities only apply the cost during a particular encounter, making it a short-term gamble.

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